Behavioral Dog Training Services and Behavior Modification

Dog obedience training is one of the most valuable tools available in establishing mutual respect, open lines of communication, clarifying expectations and boundaries, as well as providing a solid foundational groundwork for the future relationship you will create with your canine companion. Get to the bottom of your dog’s behavior by exploring all the factors that affect his behavior Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self.  Whether it’s miscommunication, something in his environment, an instinctual drive or a health problem underlying your dog’s actions, discovering the source is essential to providing the solutions that can make the difference.  Participating in dog training classes is a valuable step in creating that lasting bond between you and your canine family member.

We believe that dog obedience training is accomplished with a variety of dog training techniques and class styles. These techniques can range from puppy house training, dog housebreaking tips, and dog behavioral modification to protection dog training, and anything in between. Class styles include private, group class, In-Home and semi-private classes. Regardless which of our techniques or class styles you choose, you and your canine companion will learn from each other trust, respect, and mutual admiration.

There are many practical benefits to participating in training programs, such as:

Reliability. Teaching obedience to your dog will give your dog the knowledge of the boundaries you expect. Boundaries will assist your dog to become more responsive to you and your family as well as toward other dogs, animals, and people. You will create in your pet, the manners you expect in any situation.

Deterrence of problem behaviors. Dog training helps you prevent the development of unacceptable behaviors, or alter bad habits such as chewing, digging, barking, biting, jumping, and many others.

Peace of mind, knowing you have access to professional guidance. Having access to a professional Behavior Specialist, who will coach you on how to train your own dog, offering you the best techniques, specifically tailored to fit your dogs’ learning style, can help more than you would imagine. We make ourselves available to assist you in your training adventures.

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