Private Instruction

What is it?

Private lessons allow you a lot of versatility. You can change your day, your time and your location! Your family is the only one there so, you have all the attention to yourself. You pick the topics that are important to you!

How does it work?

These sessions are designed as a 50/50 partnership between the trainer and the owner (handler). A professional trainer meets you at your desired location and works on the goals that you have set up ahead a time. It is their role to find out what works for you and your dog’s learning style then have you duplicate the session while the trainer is still there to coach you through it.  You will feel comfortable enough to work on your own (your homework) by the time the trainer leaves. Then it’s up to YOU to practice and advance your dog until your next session.

What’s the cost? There are three options.

1. 1.5 hr lesson at your location $150

This is often used for a behavioral evaluation plus training session at the beginning of a training program or for multi-dog families.

2. 1 hr lesson $95

Typically up to four (4) topics can be covered in a 1 hr lesson, and is available for multi-dog families and single dog families.


Receive 10% off when you purchase more than one lesson at a time (must be a minimum of four (4) lessons to be considered a package). Please call us for more details on packages.

Travel outside of our standard training area will result in a travel fee.

Quote: “Dogs are not are whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras