Puppy Development Programs

New Puppy Development Programs

Are you finding some unexpected challenges in raising your puppy? Do you find it hard to  keep your pups attention while trying to teach them? WE CAN HELP! Learn simple ways to help your dog through training, games and management.  We can provide you with many practical applications on how to meet your goals.

Canine Behavioral Services is committed to helping new puppy parents step off on the right PAW! We have several programs just for puppies under 6 months for you to choose from. Begin by enrolling your puppy into one of our well thought out and carefully conducted Puppy Development programs.



Our programs allow your puppy to learn in a home environment that works for your puppies needs.

 Pick the one that is right for you!


POTTY TRAINING BOOT CAMP (board and train)



POTTY TRAINING BOOT CAMP (board and train)

Your pup will stay in our home, we will set up the pups potty training schedule, and all you have to do is follow it when you pick them back up! In addition we also will be working on some basic puppy house manners.

Cost $550 for 2 weeks (Monday thru Friday)

SUPER PUPPY (day training 1 month): Available Monday thru Friday

 This is our most popular program by far.  Completely customizable for your specific home environment.

In this unique program we work with you to design the  goals that are right for you based around our 3 core elements for a SUPER PUPPY: smart socialization ,foundation obedience, AND puppy manners. Then we get to work with your pup. You can be there for all the sessions or not the choice is up to you.  Get a well trained dog without doing all the work.

Cost: $750 for 3 x a week , $650 for 2x a week


Give your dog the headstart in life he or she deserves!

Going on a trip?? 

Ask about board and train while your away.

Call us now to book you puppy program.