Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training Class Times and Location

Classes being held in Fort Myers please contact Suzanne Wright for more information @ 239-823-2615

Cape Coral classes coming soon on January 2019

Puppy and Me – A foundation must have for any new puppy owner

GET THEM STARTED  NOW…DON’T WAIT! Puppies are like sponges in their first few months. They will soak up anything and every thing they can.  Although this is wonderful it also means that we are teaching them in every moment we interact with them whether we want to or not. I have designed a series of puppy programs to help teach and coach you through the first year of raising a puppy.


These sections are designed in a workshop format. Each lesson will have multiple different exercises for you to work on with your puppy. We designed these to help give you different skills and tools to help deal with the all the traditional puppy concerns you will encounter. Mouthing, biting, crate training, jumping, potty training just to name a few. We are also designing topics to help prevent bigger problems from arising.  This will be a fun and functional class to start you and your puppy off on the right paw!

Section 1 – Make me a safe space

Section 2 – Play with me

Section 3 – Dress me up

Section 4 – Take me out

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SMART Socialization for Puppies

Days and times TBD

Socialization goes beyond simply exposing your puppy to certain circumstances. It is more about  the quality  of interactions. Accidental harm can come equally from inappropriate interactions and no interactions.

Committing to safe, early and effective socialization reduces the risk of your puppy developing a behavior problem as an adult and increases his chances of remaining in your home throughout his lifetime.

Early SMART and positive socialization is your best defense against larger behavior problems later.

In our SMART SOCIALIZATION CLASS we will be setting up different scenarios for your pup to be correctly and smartly exposed too.  We will help teach you how to read your dogs’ body language, and its diversity. We will be teaching you the basics of how your dogs learn and teach through play.

This class promises to leave you with a smile and a new found understanding of how to correctly socialize your puppy !

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